Oatmeal Cookies for Breakfast? Oh yeah.

Usually when I decide to bake something I know it will require me to set aside a chunk of uninterrupted time and then I mentally prepare myself for the onslaught of dirty dishes to follow. Because of this, my major baking usually happens in the middle of the night. Today I had about 45 minutes to make and bake something and then head out to a babysitting job. I was delighted to find a recipe for oatmeal cookies that was healthy and quick (and I had all the ingredients!)

Chocolate Covered Katie is one of my favorite healthy dessert bloggers. I can almost always finds something on her site to suite what I need. She did not disappoint today. I have been wanting to find a snack I can have in the middle of the day at school (to replace buying something like cheese filled crackers…..may fav). I’ve also been wanting something that can work for a quick breakfast when I’m running out the door for class (because who has time to make eggs? Not this girl). This recipe fulfills both those needs! As Katie says on her blog, these “cookies” don’t taste like your typical, unhealthy oatmeal raisin cookie. But personally, for breakfast, I don’t want something super sugary. I think these have the perfect amount of sweet for a snack or morning fuel.

photo 1

You simply mash a banana and 1/4 cup of peanut butter together and then add oats, vanilla, salt, raisins, and sweetener.

photo 2

Katie suggests using a stevia packet or even sugar. I keep stevia drops around and use them for just about anything I need to sweeten (tea, coffee, healthy desserts, plain yogurt, etc). I put in several drops and tasted the batter. Stevia can be tricky because it will easily make something taste bitter, so it’s always better to start out with a little and gradually add more.

photo 3


I just got a new (used) oven and this was the first time for me to bake something in it. While it was preheating the fire alarm went off about three times (sorry neighbors) and then these guys came out a little burned on the bottom. So, hey, the oven works! Probably baking them around 11 minutes (instead of 14 minutes like I did) would have been perfect.

Be sure to check out the recipe here!


Milkshake! (except, it’s not)

I’ve lived in Texas all my life, and I still have not gotten used to the heat and humidity. It’s June 1st and you can practically cut the air, it’s so sticky today.  From now until around mid-September I would be perfectly happy with a varied diet of frozen yogurt, frappuccinos, ice cream and smoothies.  But, that’s not really an option right.  I ran across a modified version of the fast food chain, Wendy’s frosty. It is SO yum.  You can get the original healthy version from the blog, Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth by clicking here.


I like to double the recipe to share with my parents and I also add coconut oil (because I’m in love with the stuff), dark chocolate flavored stevia, and I leave out chia seeds (simply because I don’t have any on hand.)


Beautiful liquid right there, folks.


Need to work on my drink picture skills.

The stuff is good! Super refreshing and very chocolatey (don’t hold back on the cocoa).

Snacks are Good

I’ve found one key to avoiding junk food is having a healthy snack I can reach for when I would really prefer to reach for something else.  I came across these “cookies” the other day and they are SO healthy and super easy to make.  I must admit, they taste a bit like cooked baby food, because of all the banana in them, but I quickly got over that as my mouth thanked me for giving it something resembling the substance of a cookie.  You can get the recipe here.


Just five simple ingredients   The original recipe called for craisins, which I think would make it better and less -hmm- baby foodish. But, we were out of them, so I opted for raisins instead.




The original recipe does not specify the amount of cinnamon to add, so, looking back, I think I would have added a little more to give it a punch. (Does cinnamon punch?)


I ended up making the batter, then sticking it in the fridge for a couple of hours to run a few errands.  This might be a good thing to do, even if you don’t have errands to run, as it makes the dough a little easier to deal with.


I’ll be truthful here: these babies don’t look incredibly appetizing to me, but they are good, just not super sweet.  But, I think the longer I’m away from sugar, these types of natural snacks will taste better and better.  If you want to make these, but want a little extra sweet, throw in a tiny bit of stevia or other natural sweetener.

P.S. I went to the cookout I mentioned in my previous post and was able to stay away from gluten! A hamburger patty without the bun is a lot easier to eat , anyway 😉