three whole years.

The tiniest member of our family turned three this week.  I love birthdays because they make me realize how fast time moves by and I get to watch “time grow” in a little person. I was in Mexico when Ainslee was born so I missed all the hospital excitement.  But I got to her as soon as I could when I got home.


She was such a tiny one.


Yes, three years change a lot of things (except the way I wear my hear, apparently.)


At Ainslee’s little family b-day party, we had spaghetti and meat sauce with salad, bread and mixed veggies.  We discovered that Target has quite a variety of gluten free pastas, so THAT was exciting. Mom kindly made me a separate pot of gluten free pasta. I stayed away from the bread, and it was still a very satisfying, meal. 🙂

ainslee3bdayWe had a monkey theme complete with hats and party blowers (?…is that what they’re called?).

I’m so looking forward to summer days spent with these little people.  Even with all the Texas heat, there’s nothing quite like the gift of summer and all the special times that go with it. 🙂