Oatmeal Cookies for Breakfast? Oh yeah.

Usually when I decide to bake something I know it will require me to set aside a chunk of uninterrupted time and then I mentally prepare myself for the onslaught of dirty dishes to follow. Because of this, my major baking usually happens in the middle of the night. Today I had about 45 minutes to make and bake something and then head out to a babysitting job. I was delighted to find a recipe for oatmeal cookies that was healthy and quick (and I had all the ingredients!)

Chocolate Covered Katie is one of my favorite healthy dessert bloggers. I can almost always finds something on her site to suite what I need. She did not disappoint today. I have been wanting to find a snack I can have in the middle of the day at school (to replace buying something like cheese filled crackers…..may fav). I’ve also been wanting something that can work for a quick breakfast when I’m running out the door for class (because who has time to make eggs? Not this girl). This recipe fulfills both those needs! As Katie says on her blog, these “cookies” don’t taste like your typical, unhealthy oatmeal raisin cookie. But personally, for breakfast, I don’t want something super sugary. I think these have the perfect amount of sweet for a snack or morning fuel.

photo 1

You simply mash a banana and 1/4 cup of peanut butter together and then add oats, vanilla, salt, raisins, and sweetener.

photo 2

Katie suggests using a stevia packet or even sugar. I keep stevia drops around and use them for just about anything I need to sweeten (tea, coffee, healthy desserts, plain yogurt, etc). I put in several drops and tasted the batter. Stevia can be tricky because it will easily make something taste bitter, so it’s always better to start out with a little and gradually add more.

photo 3


I just got a new (used) oven and this was the first time for me to bake something in it. While it was preheating the fire alarm went off about three times (sorry neighbors) and then these guys came out a little burned on the bottom. So, hey, the oven works! Probably baking them around 11 minutes (instead of 14 minutes like I did) would have been perfect.

Be sure to check out the recipe here!


Oatmeal Cupcakes

Want a quick, easy, make-ahead breakfast?  Hop over to Chocolate Covered Katie for her recipe for these fantastic, healthy oatmeal cupcakes.  I made them last night and they were such a treat to wake up to this morning. Katie added chocolate chips, but I didn’t use them and they still turned out just fine.  You can really get creative with different add-ins.  Next time I think I’ll throw in cranberries and coconut (do those go together?)



Breakfast in a Snap

This morning I wanted something a little different than scrambled eggs.  Since I’m home for the summer, my mom and I usually eat breakfast together (this is so much better than the school year when I hastily grab a piece of bread or food bar and inhale it as I’m walking to class…so healthy. :p ).  Mom and I like to make either scramble eggs (along with a vegetable stir fry) or throw together easy spinach and mushroom omelets. This morning I wanted to do something a little different but wanted to use eggs. Crepes!  So, being all sophisticated, I looked up “gluten free crepes” on Pinterest and found a recipe: eggs, water, salt. Yeah, I’d say that’s gluten free.  To give it a little sweetness I added a few drops of vanilla flavored stevia and a little vanilla extract.



I know we all have seen eggs before, but it’s seriously such a happy color to cheer up your Monday!

My first crepe was a little too thin: 



If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.


That’s a little better, except now, it’s more just like a flat omelet because I haven’t perfected the thin crepe technique yet. 



We had some frozen strawberries to use for smoothies, so I microwaved them for 30 seconds, then sliced them and sprinkled a small package of stevia on top and stirred.  I microwaved them again to get the chill off, and wha-la! We had ourselves a strawberry compote (sorta)!

You can find the original recipe for the crepes by clicking here.