Long time

Well well. It’s been awhile, that’s for sure. I’ve decided to bring back the blog to help me get on track with healthy living again. It’s January – the ultimate diet month. So, of course it’s fitting to have a fleeting New Year’s resolution to “eat right! work out! be healthy!” But by this time, [personally] those resolutions are starting to falter.

This past December I had a rude awakening. I had back pain for about a month. I tried the heating pad, ibuprofen, rest, more rest, etc. and the pain would always come back. I have had a “bad back” for about ten years (scoliosis, boston brace for two years – 18 hours a day, and two spine surgeries, one of which kinda sorta failed).533393_4076343033298_1070577398_n (1)

(I know the outfit is rad, but I would like to avoid this situation again. Photo is from the first back surgery.)

So, I’m used to just living with aches here and there. But this was different. I knew my unhealthy college lifestyle (lack of consistent exercise, not the best diet around, and minimal hours of sleep) had caught up with me and was probably the culprit behind the pesky back pain.

This lengthy introduction is leading me into my main point: I want to be healthy! I want to be a good steward of this body God has given me. And quite frankly, I would like to do without the back pain and be able to stay awake during class. I have a tiny kitchen I will utilize to make healthy meals and some lovely friends to workout with, so we’ll give it a go! I plan to post recipes and things that are working/not working on this little journey. I would love if you follow along!

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