Breakfast in a Snap

This morning I wanted something a little different than scrambled eggs.  Since I’m home for the summer, my mom and I usually eat breakfast together (this is so much better than the school year when I hastily grab a piece of bread or food bar and inhale it as I’m walking to class…so healthy. :p ).  Mom and I like to make either scramble eggs (along with a vegetable stir fry) or throw together easy spinach and mushroom omelets. This morning I wanted to do something a little different but wanted to use eggs. Crepes!  So, being all sophisticated, I looked up “gluten free crepes” on Pinterest and found a recipe: eggs, water, salt. Yeah, I’d say that’s gluten free.  To give it a little sweetness I added a few drops of vanilla flavored stevia and a little vanilla extract.



I know we all have seen eggs before, but it’s seriously such a happy color to cheer up your Monday!

My first crepe was a little too thin: 



If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.


That’s a little better, except now, it’s more just like a flat omelet because I haven’t perfected the thin crepe technique yet. 



We had some frozen strawberries to use for smoothies, so I microwaved them for 30 seconds, then sliced them and sprinkled a small package of stevia on top and stirred.  I microwaved them again to get the chill off, and wha-la! We had ourselves a strawberry compote (sorta)!

You can find the original recipe for the crepes by clicking here.  


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